Friday, 6 May 2011

Humans: Chronically savage to one another and to " God's creatures."

Animal abuse - we have to get to work on this.

by Deborah Greaves on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 11:52am

I saw a link through Kelowna Events on Facebook, announcing a movie made by Nation Earth called 'Earthlings', with Joachim Phoenix ( hope I've spelled the actor's name correctly ) . 
"Earthlings" is about animal abuse all over the world - much of it completely routine; regular and accepted practice.

I watched just a few minutes of the film's TRAILER and am devastated, couldn't sleep last night. Thought I'd been innoculated years ago by photos sent to me and a book about domestic food animals written by John Robbins, yet the few images I could manage to keep my eyes on are seared into my retinas.

I believe that watching this film, Earthlings, is capable of actual psychological damage to any caring person- and I seriously don't believe I personally could cope with a full viewing. However, now that I have been reminded of what's going on out there I am feeling increasingly obligated to work/write on the ongoing problem in every way one individual can.

I am resolved to start close to home and find out where a slaughterhouse for horses is reputed to be committing routine atrocities on animals that are killed there. I will continue to purchase NO veal, no eggs that are not free range and whenever possible, humanely raised beef. I am also resolved to investigate the allegation that Canada's laws regarding the transport of domestic livestock in one of the most lax in the developed world.

I'll share any findings, results, changes or actions on the Facebook page, Air Water Earth Publications, and possibly my blogspot:

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